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ILPA - International Learning Platform for Accountancy

ILPA – Good Practice Example

The Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership has been classified as Good Practice Example by the European Union. Furthermore the project was nominated for the Erasmus+ Award 2018.

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About ILPA (“International Learning Platform for Accountancy”)

ILPA is a project funded by the European Union under the Erasmus+ Programme (as a Strategic Partnerships for higher education).

The overall objective of ILPA is to generate an international oriented learning platform in accountancy that supports students in acquiring the specific competences that they will need in their future career as an accounting professional.

Graduates who plan to work in the area of accountancy need specific competence. They have to acquire professional knowledge, professional skills, and professional values, ethics and attitudes during their studies, and need to be able to integrate these elements. This competence cannot be acquired through a didactic concept which involves only traditional lectures and seminars. ILPA therefore develops a teaching concept that addresses the needs that students are expected to have after their graduation.

The ILPA project provides

a) A free accessible learning platform for teaching accountancy;

b) A teaching concept for optimal use of the case studies;

c) Cases studies that integrate financial & social accounting, auditing, evaluating and analysing issues; and

d) Supplement material for the integration of social, ethical, regulatory and technical aspects.

The international learning platform for accountancy will include the teaching concept, all case studies, the solutions and a lot of supplementary material (e.g. regulatory provisions, accountancy standards, Power-Point slides, videos).

The teaching concept will define how to use the case studies. This includes for example: using regulatory material, presentations, team work, written reports, material for exams, solving approaches, discussion guides.

The cases studies are the heart of the learning platform. They integrate financial accounting, auditing, evaluating and analysing and CSR issues. They are designed to address all the competencies that are needed for emerging accountancy professionals (e.g. subjects pecific knowledge, problem solving and other skills, recognising ethics in accountancy, interdisciplinary thinking).

For lecturers

If you are a lecturer in Accounting, Auditing, Financial Statement Analysis or related subjects, contact us to get access to the case study materials.